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Terms of Sale

1. Acceptance of Terms of Sale and Amendments

By using any services provided by ("Namecore"/"We"/"this Web site"), including -- but not limited to -- this Web site, or contacting Namecore by any other method to request a purchase price, make an offer, negotiate a sale or agree to a purchase price for a domain name, you agree to all terms below, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you, in addition to all terms in Namecore's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. Definitions

"Purchaser" or "You" refers to you as a party interested in owning a domain name currently owned by Namecore and/or you as a user of this Web site, any party authorized to act on your behalf, your company, partner, or any party you are representing or acting on behalf of, in reference to a domain name owned by Namecore or on "Domain" or "Domains" refers to a domain name registration that is owned by Namecore and assumed by you to be "for sale."

3. Sales of Domains

When you enter payment through any of Namecore's authorized payment providers you will be making payment for the Domain registration transfer only and for the exclusive rights to use and enjoy that Domain in the future. No Web site, software, hardware, images, hosting, logos, or any other services or rights will be transferred with the Domain.

You will be required to register your Domain with the registrar of your choosing in order to use and enjoy the Domain. You will be required to pay annual registration renewal fees charged by the registrar. Registration fees vary by registrar, and it will be your responsibility as the new owner of the Domain to keep its registration current.

If we receive multiple purchase offers for a Domain, we reserve the right to decide which purchase offer to accept at our sole discretion. Domain availability and price is subject to change without notice. If you are a United States resident, sales tax may be added to your purchase price. Domains are sold on an "as is" basis without warranty, either express or implied, of any kind.

4. Intent of Purchase

You are making your purchase offer or purchase order in good faith with the intent of completing the transaction if your offer or order is accepted.

You intend to purchase Domain for your own use, in good faith and are not intending to use this Domain to infringe upon or cause conflict with the legal rights of any third parties. You represent and warrant that you are not asserting any trademark claims over Domain and agree to keep any replies or counter-offers confidential. You understand and agree Domain was not registered or used in bad faith.

5. Returns Policy

Namecore offers a refund, less any non-refundable transaction fees that a merchant may impose, on Domain sales in the event that the Purchaser chooses to return the Domain within 10 days of purchase. In order to qualify for a refund, the Purchaser must have maintained the Domain with the current registrar at the time of purchase (otherwise, the Domain will be locked at the new registrar and incapable of being transferred for 60 days and will not be eligible for return according to this policy), and the Purchaser shall return the Domain, including exclusive control thereof, to Namecore. The Domain shall not have been used in any negative manner, such as for spam, adult Web site hosting, or anything that is determined reasonably problematic to the health and value of the Domain at the sole discretion of Namecore. A Purchaser will be permitted one return per calendar year. In the event that Namecore determines that a Purchaser's actions have caused harm to the health and value of the Domain, a refund may not be applied. In all reasonable cases Namecore will honor its Returns Policy.

6. Verification of Sales

Prior to the completion of a sale with Namecore, all Domains are subject to a final verification to ensure that that the Domain listed is indeed for sale by the current registrant at the price listed and that there are no previous issues in selling the Domain. While all orders are typically approved and transferred immediately upon receipt of payment, a sales receipt does not render the transaction complete. In the event that circumstances arise affecting Namecore's ability or willingness, for any reason, to completely deliver a Domain to the Purchaser, Namecore reserves the right to cancel the transaction and refund all payments, less any non-refundable transaction fees that a merchant may impose, that the Purchaser has made for the cancelled transaction.

The sale of a Domain will be deemed final and binding only upon the successful transfer of a Domain's registration to its Purchaser.

Amended: 4/26/2012